JEFFREY HSU (b. 1996, Cupertino, California) is an artist and designer working in San Francisco and New York. His work explores dystopic-utopic futures, imagining scenarios in which spiritual selves are severed from  physical bodies. He dissects ideas of attraction, digestion, putrefaction, and the liminal. Hsu challenges the notion of perception by rendering visible institutional power and exaggerating social norms. He aims to make audiences aware of the power of place through site specificity and social practice.

Hsu works in a variety of mediums, including installation, film, photography, painting, and drawing.

Hsu has exhibited in New York, Rotterdam, San Francisco, and Chicago. He serves as Co-Director of Joof, a non-collecting museum based in San Francisco. He graduated with honors from the University of Chicago in 2019 with B.A.s in visual arts, mathematics, and cinema and media studies.